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Pavilion Tackles Mud Monster Run for Charity

3 June 2021

Pavilion Recruitment Solutions are pleased to be taking part in the Mud Monster Run this August!

The 10K obstacle run will be completed in East Grinstead with all 10 of the Pavilion team!

Matt Gunn, Director of Pavilion, commented that:

“We’re all really looking forward to getting involved with this run, even though it’ll probably be a bit mucky and we’ll be knackered by the end! It’s great to have all of the team together doing something a bit different from our usual day to day work”.

The obstacles include tyre walls, rivers, tunnels, monkey bars, slides. nets and so much more (as well as lots of mud!), the team have been training hard to make sure they can combat the course.

Whilst the run is a fantastic activity for Pavilion to be getting involved with, they are also keen to raise money for charity. Rachael Pratt, Marketing Manager, said:

“I’m not a big runner… definitely not! But I’m sure with the team it’ll be easier and I love the fact there’s obstacles involved too. The fact we’re also raising money for a cause gives me even more motivation”.

The team will be running for Cancer Research UK and have a goal of £1,000 between them. All donations will go to the charity itself – you can click here to see how close they are to target or make a donation yourself too!

Mud Monster Run


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