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Our Privacy Policy

At Pavilion Recruitment, we understand that privacy is one of the highest concerns to our visitors. This is a privacy statement to make you aware of our policies. We would also like to outline how your data is obtained and how it is used to aid your experience on our website (

The content and/or services on the website may change at any time without notice, including the content below. By using the services on our website and reading this will mean that you agree to any potential changes that are made.


Collecting Personal Information

Pavilion Recruitment collects the following personal information: First name, last name, telephone and email. We collect this data when you register your CV with us, post a job with us and register for job alerts. We collect this information and use it for the following:


Protecting Your Information

We (Pavilion Recruitment) highly regard the security of your information and we have in place appropriate technical, physical and administrative processes in place to ensure that your personal information is protected from unauthorised access.


Sharing Your Information

We want to provide as much help and support for our candidates during the recruitment process and similarly, we want to ensure our clients are given the best experience possible. It is for that reason we do not share any personal information without consent.

When candidates apply for a job on our website, the CV and details are sent directly to the employer and to ourselves.


Links to Other Websites

Occasionally we may use links to third party websites on our site. This is mainly for informative purposes, but these sites are not covered by our policy as they are outside of our control. These websites may collect information about you whilst you browse and their privacy policy may differ from ours. It is advised that you visit their privacy policy page if you have any concerns.


Accessing Your Stored Data

It is your right to be able to access the data that we have stored on our systems. If you have any queries regarding your personal data, you can contact us by telephone or email (



This section outlines the cookies we use on our website which we use to enhance your experience.

A cookie is a small data file that aids your browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc…) whilst it navigates through the website. These are common to all websites, however can be disabled should you wish to. However, by disabling cookies, there is a potential that some of the functionality of a particular website may be lost.


Session Cookies

A session cookie that can also be called by some as a transient cookie, is a temporary file that is used to help track your activity whilst browsing through sites. As a webpage has no memory, a session cookie is used to make sure that you do not have to give information more than once.

These cookies will only remain on your computer when you are actively using your browser. When you close the browser they will disappear.

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